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Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Neighbourhood photo series - today in Zürich, Switzerland

Ein Spaziergang durch die Nachbarschaft - rund um die Welt. Blog's im Internet machen es möglich. Jo von organisiert so einen Spaziergang, sie lebt mit ihrem Mann und Sohn in Saitama, Japan.

A neibourhood walk a round the world. Jo from did organize such a walk. She lives with her husband and son in Saitama, Japan.

Heute bin ich dran. Herzlich willkommen in der Schweiz, genauer gesagt in Zürich! Ich zeige euch heute ein Stück davon. Laufen wir los!

Today is my turn. Welcome in Zürich, Switzerland.  

 I'll show you now my neighbourhood. Let's go!

post box - Briefkasten
We got all new post boxes last year. 
What remains is the colour YELLOW.
a local store - Migros-Filiale
That's where i do some of my shopping after work.
a manhole cover - Schachtabdeckung 
especially made for Zürich, as you can see.
hydrant - Hydrant
With a "water"-face.
play area - Spielplatz
That's one of our favorite playgrounds, hidden between 
some busy streets.
Street view - Strassenansicht mit Tram
Blue and White are the colours of all public transport 
in the city.
local form of transportation - Bus
We've got a very good public Transport System. One can 
choose between Tram, Bus, Interurban Train, cable car, 
boat...all with the same ticket.

cable car - Polybahn
Going up from Central to ETH and University.
Always packed with Students and Tourist's.

lake - Zürichsee
A lake near by is just great!

pedalo - Pedalo
In summertime, we sometimes rent a pedalo a take a turn...

swan - Schwan
....or having a nice swim like this swan.

view from the hillside - Ausblick vom Hügel

For me, my neighbourhood is were i live, work and go for a sunday walk or lunch.That's were i did take you with all the pictures of this post.I hope you did enjoy this walk in Zürich.

Jo, Thank you very much for organizing this walk! We had a great time "going for a walk" in all this places. Is there a rule for post box colours?

17.7.2012 a quick update: so looks Zürich during summer holidays.
 big road works and diversions with no end.

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Merci für's reinschauen und ich freue mich immer über einen Kommentar !