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Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017

Sew a Softie - Samichlaus

I'm very happy to be part of Trixi's sew a softie - Christmas 2017. Here is my contribution to it: A Santa Claus felt ornament. 
It is inspired from a Origami Santa Ornament i did earlier this autumn. I'm happy with the result and it's a easy lesson of Geometrie for sure :-)

If you want to know, what the second guy and the donkey are doing in the picture, read about this Swiss tradition:
In Switzerland on the 6th of December comes the "Samichlaus" (Saint Nicolas) with "Schmuzli" (farm-hand) and his donkey from the forest hut to the children. He looks in his big book, whether the children kept out of mischief and for a verse or song they get a gift bag. It is filled with peanuts, tangerines, chocolate and "biberli" (a bit like gingerbread, but different spices).

 Santa Claus Ornament
What you need:
- Piece of red felt, 10x10cm
- Piece of white felt, 4x8cm
- Piece of beige felt, 1.5x8cm
- Hand sewing thread (red, white and black)

- Twine (gold)
- Needle for thread
- Pin

Print out the template HERE

How to:

Step 1:
Print out the template and cut out the 4 pieces. 
Cut out tiny pieces from the white triangle for the beard.

Step 2:
Lay the pieces for face, hood hem and beard on the red triangle. Fix it in the middle with a pin. Now sew along with white tread and running stitch to do the hood hem.

Step 3:
Now stitch the beard and face to the red felt.

Step 4:
Turn the edge to the middle and mark the point, were the legs meet the coat.

Step 5:
Open up and fold in the middle. Cut the overlap from the white and beige felt.

Step 6:
Stitch the borders  from the hood down the "spine" till the legs (pin) with red thread.

Step 7:
Fold it, so that the spine is in the middle. Then turn the ornament. Prepare the black thread.

Step 8:
Stitch a smiling face.
(You could draw the face with a marker as well.)

Step 9:
Take the golden twine and prick through the hood. Make a knot. 

Your Santa Claus Ornament is ready!
For "Schmuzli" you will need some brown felt and the same template.

Gnomes or Dwarfes?

The template works for gnomes and dwarfes as well. Use brown and green felt for the coat and grey for the beard.

Finger Puppets!

I was thinking to use the Ornaments for the Christmas tree and as gift tags. But my husband reminded me, that they would be great finger puppets as well. 
Thanks for the tip:-)

Make a Santa Cushion:

Use a triangle from red felt 20x20cm and
enlarged the template 200%

Different to the Ornament above:
1. Make buttonhole stitches for the spine and close the hood properly.
2. Use a fistful of fiber fill
3. Close the coat hem with stitches and cut the legs a bit shorter.

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Happy Sewing!

Now please head over to Trixi's amazing sew a softie for the festive season-list with 18 great sewing crafts!

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  1. oh, was für eine prächtige Idee liebe Natalie. Die wird grad eingepackt in meinen Nikolaussack und nächstes Jahr hervorgeholt. Perfekt für meine Schüler! Danke dir, die Anleitung ist klasse!
    heitere Grüsse Britta

    1. liebe Britta
      Es war gar nicht so einfach vom gefalteten Papier bis zum Filzstück zu kommen.
      Freut mich wenn es gefällt und dann bitte ein Bild von den Chläusen mailen.
      Herzlicher Gruss

  2. WOW Natalie! So many different things to make from one tutorial!! and I love them all. Your photos as always are really lovely :) Thanks again for being part od Sew a Softie. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with!!!

    1. Hi Trixi
      I'm happy to be part of "sew a softie" and looking forward for the other tutorials!
      Kind regards

  3. Sehr süß! Ebenso wie dieser Name "Saichlaus"....
    Hoffe, ihr hattet einen schönen Tag!


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