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Montag, 18. Mai 2020

Make a Sunflower Mask!

Make a Sunflower Mask from a paper plate, yellow paint and black lentils. It's an easy kindergarten craft and i show you some tricks i learned over the years, which make this craft real fun. 
The outline reminds me of the mask of the the sun king (le Roi Soleil). 
The lentils put on likes freckles bring a playful detail...

What you need:

- 1 Paper plate, diameter 30cm /11.8"
- Yellow Paint (acrylic)
-1 Bamboo-Stick, 50cm/ 20"
- Duct Tape
- White Glue
- 3-4 Soup Spoon Black Lentils, dry 

- Scissors
- Pencil
- Baking paper as underlay
- Brush, broad and soft

How To: 

Step 1:
Print and cut out the template. Mark it on the paper plate backside. 
Make holes in the eyes so you can cut out more easy.
Cut the eyes and the line of the mask out.

Step 2:
Paint the plate with yellow colour.
Do NOT add water! 
Colour it with strong brush strokes.
Let it dry.

Step 3:
Cut stripes around the plate:
Length: 7cm/ 3"   Width: 2.5cm/ 1" 
Use the folds from the plate for it.

Step 4:
Cut every stripe a the end spiky (45°).

Step 5:
Turn the mask to the other side for folding every stripe lengthwise.

Step 6:
Cut a piece from the duct tape and glue the stick to the plate.
Lefthand = to the Left    Righthand = to the Right

Step 7:
Turn the mask back on the yellow side and add glue. Flatten out.

Step 8:
Sprinkle the lentils on the wet glue. Start around the eyeholes and make less to the top.
Let it dry.
To speed it up you can put it outside in sunshine.

Your mask is ready to play with!

Please note: I was taking the pictures while making the mask tutorial the first time.
I changed some steps (glue the stick before adding the lentils or fold at the backside), because it's better that way...

You can make more masks:
Without lentils or with smaller plates.

A sunflower (plate with diameter 18cm/7 ")

This tutorial is part of the #powerfulflowershow on Instagram from 
@coulorful_minds_kids and @originaryarts 
Join in and create a flower to be added to their online gallery for everyone to enjoy!

Portraits: Thomas Güntensperger

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