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Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge als Fingerpuppen

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2022

Sew a Softie - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fingerpuppets (English)


It's that time again: Sew A Softie im July has started and I'm taking part with my finger puppets. You can try out over 60 sewing instructions for children from all over the world. "Magic" is the theme and there is a lot of magic to marvel at.  I decided very early on to make finger puppets and there was a neck-and-neck race between Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. 
I sewed the finger puppets with pieces of felt from my stash. The finger pieces are 4x16cm and the dwarfs have grey and white beards. Snow White also has a decorative border on her dress and of course the fateful red apple.......

Her doll is a bit more complicated to sew. Why not start with a dwarf?

Tip: So that you don't have to practise threading too much, it's best to work with 3-4 needles. The eyes are two stitches each and then comes the knot......

I sewed the outlines with buttonhole stitch, so the figures are more stable. 

Download the PDFs with the templates and look at the colours in the pictures. Find the corresponding felts and cut out the shapes.

The order in the 4 pictures is from top left to bottom right.

Have fun sewing


Snow White Puppet 

Template Snow White

Dwarf Puppet

Template Dwarf and Pine

Let's Play!


The white thick felt roll of 15x50cm is from the garden centre. It is used to wrap plants in winter and to protect them from the cold. There is space for the eight figures when they are not being played with. At the corner there is a green fir tree and a red silk ribbon holds everything together.


The finger puppets can also be used as play figures. Simply use wine corks or thread spools.

This is a contribution to Sew A Softie im July