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Sonntag, 27. September 2015

What colours are typically for autumn?

 Nachgefragt bei Gina vom Blog willowday

1. What colours are typically for autumn?
I think of warm and toasty tones from yellows, browns and rusty-reds.

2. If you listen carefully, what’s the sound of autumn?
Rustling leaves with an almost brushing wind.

3. Which smell stands for autumn? 
Warm, musty leaves and apples. Earthy. 

4. How does autumn feel on your back of the hand?
Noticable and with substance; both warm and cool simultaneously. 

5. What is your favorite recipe in autumn?
Apple Pie: simple crumbles, my mother's American double crusted Apple pies (they'r amazing) and my husbands pomme de tartine. Pumpkin soups and pumpkin muffins. It's really a season for this warming, happy foods. 

Dear Gina
Thank you so much for your answers. My readers and i wish you a lovely autumn!

liebe Gina
Herzlichen Dank für deine Antworten.
Die Leserinnen und ich wünschen dir einen wunderschönen Herbst!

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  1. Dear Natalie, Thank you so much for this opportunity to meet you and your readers. I find beauty that inspires me and my imagination, here, every time I visit.

    1. Dear Gina
      Thank you for answer the questions with your very busy schedule at the moment. I can give the compliment back with full heart!


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