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Freitag, 20. Juli 2018

Sew a Softie - Hedgehog Pin Cushion

I'm very happy to be part of Trixi's sew a softie - 2018 this summer. Here is my contribution to it: A Hedgehog Pin Cushion. You'll love to sew it and you can use it as a Sewing Box as well...

If you like sewing or want to start, you need a  good pin cushion and needle book. So that's what were going to do together. What kind of pin cushion? I love hedgehog or cacti... it's all about spikes and spines.....

What you need:
- Cheese Box, diameter 12cm / 5" 
- Piece of dark brown felt, 14x14cm / 5 1/2 x5 1/2"
- Piece of light brown felt 9x9cm / 3 1/2" x3 1/2" 
- Piece of black felt 1x1cm / 1/2x1/2"
- Cardboard Length = extent from the lid/ height from the lid plus 1cm / 1/2"
- Pieces of blue felt Length = extent from the lid/ height from the lid plus 2cm/ 1"

For the needle book:
- Piece of white and magenta felt 7x7cm / 3x3 inches

- Hand sewing thread (light brown, dark brown, black)

- 2 black Pearls (eyes)

- Polyester fiberfill

- Needles for the threads
- Pins
- 2 Safety pins

- Stapler
- White Glue
- Scissors

- Print out the template HERE

Use a round cheese box made from wood or cardboard for it. It's a medium level for Sewing including a template for the hedgehog.

For Beginners: Glue the felt to each other and draw the eyes and mouth with a marker.

Step by Step:

1. Use the staple to add the cardboard to the lid. The overlap has to be on the top! 

2. Glue the blue felt pieces to the lid. The overlap has to be on the top as well!

3. Cut the felt every inch around the lid.

4. Cut out the face from the light brown felt. Mark the outline circle from the lid for the dark brown felt and cut out. Cut a tiny nose from the black felt. Make some small glue drops to fix the face and nose.

5. Sew around the face with the light brown thread.

6. For the eyes sew the 2 black pearls on the felt.

7. Use the black thread as well to stich the smiling mouth with tiny running stitches.

8. Take the lid and add the fibrefill. Put the felt on top.

9. Pin the felt to every lashes from the blue felt.

10. Sew the two parts with blanket or buttonhole stitches together. Use the dark brown thread for it. 

Your Pin Cushion is nearly ready! The hedgehog only needs his spines :-)
To organise the sewing box: Pin the 2 felt pieces together with the safety pin and add the needles. 
Add Measure Tape, white pencil and scissors and your sewing box is ready!


Now please head over to Trixi's SEW A SOFTIE and meet Harriet!

You find a lot more Ideas for pin cushios on my pinterest board

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