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Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

sew a softie - a can of sardines

I'm very happy to be part of Trixi's sew a softie - 2017 this summer. Here is my contribution to it: A can of sardines in two sizes for Big & small. You'll love to sew them and you can make a fishing game with them if you like or use them as purse charms...

Use small pieces of colourful felt and twine and crochet thread. Mix whatever you like and try free stitches. I love silvery and golden threats for gift tags and this time is used them to give the fishes a glittery touch. 
The Idea was to sew 4 felt fishes for a real sardine can. They turned out to be medium level for teens and adults. So i draw the template bigger and tried to make them easy for beginners.

Use the big fish template for younger childrenDraw on the two parts (left and right) with silver or golden glitter glue. Let it dry for 6-8 hours.
Sew the 2 parts with running stitches together. Best to use crochet yarn for it. 

Now i've got a Step-by-Step tutorial for the big sardine for you (easy level). The small ones are made the same way.


What you need for one fish:
- Piece of grey felt, 13x18cm
- small ribbon, 3cm
- optional: Keyring
- Hand sewing thread (grey)
- Twine (dark and bright silver)
- Polyester fiberfill
- Chopstick or pencil (for stuffing)
- Needles for both threads
Print out the template HERE

Step by step:

1. Download and print out the template and cut out the big fish twice. Put the ribbon in the mouth.

2. Sew the two parts with blanket or buttonhole stitches together. Don't sew the tail. Leave an opening from 15mm for the filling. Stuff the fish. A chopstick or pencil is very helpful. 
Note: Not to much stuffing, otherwise it's not easy to handle the stitching. 

3. Start between the 2 felt parts from the fishtail and use running stitches. Back stitches mark the head of the fish. For the eye i did 5 stitches like a star, each with a knot. 

4. Make lots of running stitches to give the fish a sparkling look. 


Sew about 6 sardines and add some keyrings to them. Form a hook from wire or use a magnet to make a fishing rod. Now you've got a fishing game for sure.


The smaller sardines are lovely as purse and handbag charms :-)


Now please head over to Trixi's amazing sew a softie 2017-list with 31 great sewing crafts!

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