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Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2020

SEW A SOFTIE - Polar Bear Key Case

I'm very happy to be part of Trixi's SEW A SOFTIE - 2020 for the festive season. 

Here is my contribution to it: A Polar Bear Key Case. You'll love to sew it and you can use it as a headphone case as well...

Medium Level: Itʼs a buttonhole stitches training really... you will need whip-, back-, blanket- and buttonhole stitches

For Beginners: Make a gift tag and use only whip stitches and try a french knots for the eyes...

Ironing only with supervision from an adult

What you need:

- Piece of blue felt, 7x20cm / 2.75 x8“

- Piece of white felt 7x10cm / 2.75 x4“

- Piece of black felt 1x1cm / 1/2x1/2"

- Red Silk Ribbon 35cm/14"

– Ironing Cotton 7x20cm / 2.75 x8“

– Lobster clasp

- Hand sewing thread (white, blue, black)

- 2 black pearls (eyes) Rocailles 4.5mm

- 1 gray wooden pearl with a bigger hole for the silk ribbon

- Needles for the threads

- Pins

- 1 Safety pins

- Scissors 

– Iron

- Print out the templates HERE and HERE

Step by Step:

1.Cut out all the felt from the template.

2. Fold the blue felt lengthwise and make a small cut for the ribbon hole. 

3. (White thread) Pin the two pieces of white felt to the blue and sew (only the shape inside) with whip stitches.

4. (Black thread) Now the face from the bear: Add the two black pearls with

3-4 stitches on place/through the hole. Then sew the black felt as nose

and add with backstitches his smile.

5. Turn the felt backwards and iron the cotton to it.

6. Cut the overlapping pieces away and cut the buttonhole again.

7. (Blue or white thread) Sew a small buttonhole on the middle for a sturdy hole for the silk ribbon.

8. (White thread) Sew both seams on the small sides with blanket stitches.

9. (Blue Thread) Fold the case and sew the sides with blanket stitches

10. Add the lobster clasp to the ribbon and but the safety pin to the end. 

Lace through the hole.

11. Add the wooden pearl and make a knot.

Your Key Case ist ready!

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